27 Jun 2014

2014 Summer Styling : Korean Trendy Pink Hair Colour

Brown, summer's most popular colour, has widen its colour spectrum to red-brown, orange-brown and pink-brown this year. In particular, vintage pink-brown and all pink hair are today's hot trend from 2013 pink streaks. Ash pink combined with a soft brown hair colour, will portray one with an endearing image. Brown hair colour will never go wrong with Asian skin tone and by adding a hint of pink, the entire look will be lighten up! Compared to normal pink hair which can be overbearing for many, the combination of ash pink and red brown colour is more wearable expressing a delicate and feminine image.

Pink-brown is announced as Hair Trend '2014' by Miseenscene with smoky ash, red wine and they forecast those colours would continue to lead the trend of S/S season in the next few years.

Pink-brown Hair of K-POP Stars

For K-pop Idol stars who leads the trend worldwide, this fabulous colour is a 'must do' styling. By mixing different colours, they create brand-new look with the different shades pink-brown. Pink-brown hair color has the perfect blend that makes your hair look natural and subtle even with bright pink colour!

Pink-brown hair color also look cool for men. G-Dragon, Korea's hottest fashionista, introduced his pink colour hair style. His light brown hair with pink points colour gives off a mystical yet soft feeling. 

Pink-Brown Colouring by Dusol Beauty Hairstylists

Presenting to you senior Korean hairstylist of Korean hair salon "Dusol Beauty" with their customized hair colours for each customers! If you are looking for a alluring hair makeover or aspire to be a K-pop star, check out the gorgeous pink-brown hair styles below.

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  1. do you know any korean hair dyes that i can dye my hair that color?