31 Oct 2014

Straight Hair Styling : Vodana Flat Iron

Monsoon season starts again. As always, this season makes your hair more curly and untidy. Fortunately, we can access to various types of flat irons in the market for curly hair. However, the biggest concern about using hair iron is 'hair damage' from the heat. Address to this heat concern with the use of VODANA FLAT IRON. This iron is also being used in our salon for our customers! The black silicone strips on the heating plate helps to smooth out the hair when it run the hair through it. This, in turn, creates a smooth and shiny hair appearance and minimizing damage as well. It's not that difficult to use this flat iron if you follow the steps below!


Step 1.
Apply Silk Plus Capilo on your towel dry hair to protect it from the heat and blow dry.

Step 2.
Adjust the temperature and just wait 15 seconds to heat up. (Thin hair-160℃, Normal hair-180℃, Thick hair-200℃)


Step 3.
Separate your hair into several sections with the use of hair clip or pin.

Step 4.
Place the iron 1-2 cm away from the hair roots of the section. Then, clamp the iron down towards your hair ends.
(If you want to show off natural inward c-curl like model, curl the ends towards the head to make C-curl at the ends.)



As you can see, Even before apply hair essence, our model's hair has become slick and shiny! VODANA FLAT IRON provides anion to the hair, which helps to protect the moisture of your hair. This flat iron can also double up as a curling iron. Simple wraps your hair around the iron to achieve vivid curls!

Styling tips

1. Snap-back
Styling with Snap-back is simple. Let down your straightened hair, then just don a Snap-back on your head. If you tuck your shiny hair behind your ears, you can show off cute style. Miss-A Suzy often spotted in her Snap-back style.
Image edit : SUZY'S INSTAGRAM(http://instagram.com/skuukzky)

2. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail, gives you purity and elegant feel. It's the 'best fit' styling for Korean celebrities especially during awards ceremony. Gather your hair and tie it into low ponytail. It's good to pull out some strands over your cheeks to configure your face shape.
Image credit : NAVER

If you are looking for someone to help with your styling, one of the leading stylists in Dusol Beauty, Erica will be able to assist you to create this shiny straight hairstyle. You can find her at Dusol Beauty Novena branch. You can buy all products featured in this post at JOHN&JACK. For more information with regards to our hair services, find out more on Dusol Beauty Facebook.

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