14 Nov 2014

Fashion Advice : The Standard of Korean Women's Office Look

In Korea, a new drama series <Misaeng> is hot, highest viewers' rating on one of the top Korean cable channel. This drama, called 'A textbook of salary men', covers ordinary life of office workers and their human relationship. Among the casts, Kang So-Ra stands out from the group! All the fashion apparels sported by her in this drama are also under the spotlight of many office lady. Her simple and attractive Office Look is enough to catch the eyes of many office women. Let's check out her best Office Look!
1. Cardigan Look
Image credit : NAVER
Cardigan can show off various feeling depending on the color. Dark gray or navy color gives off a calm image, pastel color gives a lovely and bright image. Her fashion is the epitome of Korean office women's daily outfit. <Shirt+Cardigan+Skirt>.
2. Business Casual Look
Image credit : NAVER
Comfort is often taken into consideration when one has to perform big movements at work. In the picture above, So Ra shows off her tidy and practical Office Look with a pair of black pants and a blouse. Finish up your look with a backpack to create that smart and energetic look.
3. Shoes
Image credit : Naver

In the drama, She always wears low heels, pumps, and loafers. It may look too simple, but this make it look more fashionable. Who says heels are compulsory for Business setting? I beg to differ. With more choices of footwear going up the racks, younger generation would like to be different from the rest. Wearing loafers even when they are in formal suit allows them to look like a fashionista walking down the busy street. 
Hair style tip

Kang So-Ra often show off her neatly tied hair style with her see though Bang Fringe in the drama. These days, see though bangs, is loved by many Korean women, it gives a more natural feeling than normal bangs. The look depends on whether or not you tie your hair back. Hair Bangs style goes well with Casual Look as well as Office Look.

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