24 Jul 2015

3 Korean Youtube Beauty Channels (In English)

Ever had the frustrating experience of clicking on a YouTube video thumbnail only to realise that you don’t understand a word of what is being said? If you are keen in Korean hair and makeup but cannot understand the language, here are 5 YouTube channels by Korean beauty gurus who either speak English or have English subtitles in their videos.



Branching off from having her videos uploaded on beauty and lifestyle channel InSite TV, Pony started her own beauty channel- Pony Makeup in February this year and has already garnered an impressive following of 271,000 subscribers. She has collaborated with Innisfree for several videos and is also the spokesperson for Etude House, where she got to visit Singapore last year for the opening of its flagship store. 

Our favorite? HIJAB MAKEUP

In creating this look, Pony has proved herself to be a professional who possesses superb makeup expertise. We were thoroughly shocked and impressed at her accuracy in reflecting the actual makeup we see on women wearing a Hijab. Regardless of whether this look is of any relevance to you, watch her tutorial and we promise, apart from being wowed, you will also most probably become one of her loyal subscribers.



So Young creates a wide variety of subtitled videos ranging from makeup tutorials to beauty hauls to “Get Ready with Me” videos and much more. Among them all, we always make sure to watch her product review videos because they often feature the latest products from many brands and in the case of makeup items such as lipsticks or blushers, she tries the product on herself so that you can see how it looks like when applied.   


In this video, and as with many of her uploads, she personally tries and swatches 11 different lip tints, even if it means cleansing her lips 11 times. She also briefly reviews the pros and cons of each product. This makes her videos extremely useful in helping subscribers who are oftentimes overwhelmed by the sheer variety of Korean cosmetics brands out there.



Image source: www.youtube.com

While most of Soon Siki’s videos are in Korean without English subtitles, he does have a considerable number of videos that has English subtitles in the playlist: Soonsiki English Subtitled Hair Tutorials which is updated quite frequently as well.  Most, if not all of his videos feature DIY hairstyles. And if you still can’t get enough of the amazing haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors featured on his channel, then remember to pay a visit to his salon in Seoul the next time you visit South Korea!


See-through bangs are all the rage this summer and what better way to save cost and time than to cut your own see-through bangs? This detailed step-by-step tutorial also teaches you a few fuss-free ways to style them. So invest in a good pair of hair cutting shears and not only will you achieve a refreshing new look, you can also easily trim your bangs yourself without having to go to the salon every few weeks!

What are some of your favorite Korean hair and beauty channels? Share with us in the comments below!

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