10 Jul 2015

Hairstyles and Hair Products Perfect for Rainy Weather

In the sweltering heat of the summer, rain is always welcomed with glee – well maybe not always, especially not when you are dressed to the nines with a full face of makeup and hair that was painstakingly washed, dried and curled. When that happens, instead of hopelessly praying that the rain will stop for your long day out, why not try a hand at these hairstyles and products that will brave both the wind and rain:

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A necessity for rainy days, the headband works to keep your hair in place from those howling elements of Mother Nature. Use this simple tool to create versatile looks and choose to pair it with a ponytail, bun or french braid. It is recommended that you use a hair texture spray before styling and do choose a headband that is tight enough to tame those flyaways.

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With every strand of hair neatly tucked, this hairstyle prevents frizz caused by humid climates. For those with long hair and split ends, the bun should be rolled as tightly as possible. And in case you desire the extra touch of immaculacy, bun up your hair when it is slightly wet or gelled to keep it firmly in place throughout the day.

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Hide unwashed hair with this “easier- than- it- looks” hairstyle. In addition to spraying some dry shampoo which eliminates grease, use also a hair fixing spray on wet hair to ensure that your locks are securely tied!

Source: voguegirl.co.kr

1.      Rene Furterer Fioravanti Detangle Spray [150ml, 30000 ].
Infuses hair with ample moisture, leaving it with a glossy sheen
2.      Sachajuan Hair Wax [75ml, 6000 ]
Prevents hair from becoming stiff and lifeless
3.      Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence. [100ml, 10000 ]
Protein based product which aims to repair damaged hair
4.      Lush Zest Hair Gelly [100g, 30000 ]
Hair styling gel with all-day lasting power
5.     Ma Chérie Perfect Shower Moist [250ml, 12000 ]
Controls fizz and sets hair firmly in place
6.      Moroccan oil Curl Control Mousse. [150ml, 35000 ]
Perfect for climates with high humidity; it maintains curls while managing fizz
7.      Aveda Brilliant Hair Spray. [250ml, 29000 ]
Keeps fizziness at bay while adding a layer of shine and gloss to hair

*₩ denotes the currency South Korean Won. As of 9 July 2015, 1 SGD = approximately 839.07₩

*Original article and images from:
Vogue Girl (June Edition) 비소식이두려운 이들을위한 헤어 관리 가이드

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