21 Aug 2015

Stay Fit In Style (Part 2)

Last week, we reported on stylish must-haves for two sports – skateboarding and pilates. If you are eager for more ideas on how to look sporty and fabulous at the same time, then read on as we bring to you some more inspiration and tips for your sportswear collection!


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H&M Body suit, 49,000 won, Zumba pants price unavailable. High top sneakers price unavailable, Zumba armband prince unavailable
“Zumba is a lively combination of Latin dance and fitness. Bright, colorful attire and accessories make your workout even more fun. Try layering multiple Zumba wristbands to see them illuminate beautifully under bright lights. There are many ways to style a Zumba outfit – simply wear a crop top with loose-fitting pants and you are good to go!” – Lee Hae Yoon, Director of Zumba Fitness 

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1.Price unavailable
2. H&M. 29,000 won, H&M
3. 39,000 won, Brooks
4. 198,000 won, Aldo
5. 55,000 won, North Face White Label
Loose fitting jogger pants are useful for many activities – jogging, running errands and executing those Zumba steps

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1.Price unavailable
2. 249,000 won, Eleven Paris
3. Price unavailable
4. 69,000 won, Roxy
5. 69,000 won, Adidas Originals


Image: www.navercast.naver.com

Loosfly leotard 98,000 won. Repetto toe shoes 140,000 won, Repetto Tule Skirt 245,000 won

“Being aware of one’s body and movements is crucial to Ballet. In order words, it is important to wear clothing that are perfectly fitted to your body. Clothing that are too big or small are neither comfortable nor pleasing to the eye. Beginners in ballet should use cloth or leather ballet shoes that are comfortable. I also think that it is important to wear a tulle skirt. Those who dance ballet should look beautiful, shouldn’t they?” – Kim Seul Gi, Director of MAF Dance Centre

Image: www.navercast.naver.com

1. 88,000 won, Le Coq Sportif

2. 49,000 won, Loosfly
3. 45,000 won, Intermezzo by Grish Korea
4. 338,000 won, Repetto
“Wear a fitted leotard and observe how it moves when you dance to determine if it will be one you can use for the long-run”

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 340,000 won, Wolford
2. 98,000 won, Loosfly
3. 420,000 won, Wolford
4. 99,000 won, Intermezzo by Grish Korea
5. 92,000 won, Loosfly

Cross Fit

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Nike Top 40,000 won. Prospecs shorts, 55,000 won. Reebok Sneakers, price unavailable. Misfit Shine fitness watch, 99,000 won. Knee socks from editor’s collection.
“Cross fit is a quick but high impact from of exercise. Thus, the clothes should allow the person to execute full movements and generate as much energy as possible. Sports bras and mini shorts are good examples. Knee socks should also be worn to prevent calf injuries when executing exercises such as “box jump”, where one jumps up and down a box. Most importantly, the sneakers should have a flat and sturdy bottom to ensure stability in lunges and squats.” – Yang Kyung Jin, Coach at Reebok Crossfit Centre

Image: www.navercast.naver.com

1. 89,000 won, Skechers

2. 45,000 won, Descente
3. 70,000 won, Nike
4. 10,000 won, Reebok
5. 149,000 won, Reebok
6. 8900 won, Brooks
7. 159,000 won, Vivo Barefoot
"Find one that is elastic, breathable and allow full body movement."

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 79,000 won, Descente
2. 89,000 won, Rockwear
3. 49000 won, Head
4. 50,000 won, Nike
5. 39,000 won, EXR
6. 59,000 won, Reebok

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