18 Sep 2015

Get To Know Actors Of Recent K-Drama Fame - Joo Won

Ever frantically googled the names of a drama cast after watching its first episode? Don’t worry, this is common, especially if the drama is excellent; you just have this urge to want to know everything about the drama as if you are writing a research paper about it. As part of our monthly k-drama series, we satisfy that aching thirst of k-drama fans to know more about the talented, good-looking, and oh-so-charismatic actors who have starred in recent popular dramas and first up on the list is the current star of Yong Pal- Joo Won.

Joo Won is a versatile actor whose acting chops are no doubt recognised in the industry. He was a musical actor before having his first taste of fame after playing the antagonist in “Baking King, Kim Takgu,” which earned the title of “National Drama” in Korea after garnering >50% in viewer ratings. He has played a range of roles, from a 1930s masked vigilante to a genius musician and even an autistic doctor.
He is currently starring in yet another successful drama, Yong Pal, where he plays a “gang doctor” who treats gangsters in exchange for money used to pay his sister’s medical bills and subsequently treats a chaebol heiress (Kim Tae Hee), which leads to unintended consequences.  Let us now get to know the talented actor, who is known for his shy and bashful personality that was revealed when he was a regular cast member of variety show 2 days 1 night Season 2.  

You are 28-years-old. Is turning 30 weighing on your mind?

No. 30 is just the start for many male actors whom I see. Just like my seniors Kim Yoon Seok and Ryu Seung Ryong, one’s acting chops will only get more exciting as gets older.   

Youth is worth every penny, isn’t it?

I do like alcohol and clubbing. But what I really want to do the most is to go on an overseas trip with my family and people I love.  I should work hard now and plan this in the future. I will go travelling even when I’m an uncle. But before that, if I get married, I will definitely take a trip with my loved one.

Many idols now work hard at the gym to get that perfect body.

At this moment, it is not that I don’t have a wish for my body but I am currently not working towards it. As for movies, there are scenes that I refrain from doing, such as revealing the back. I will decide what side of myself to show and when, maybe in my 20s, maybe in my 30s.

Who do you think are the ggot-mi-nam (flower boys) of today?

Ahh, haha, I cannot answer this question - it would bring about problems if I were to give examples, and so I had better not do things I would regret. Anyway, the “flower-boy” generation has already passed, the generation right now focuses on the masculine. Examples are my seniors Choi Min Sik, Lee Jung Jae and Song Kang Ho. The conclusion is that men must emit masculinity.

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