24 Oct 2015

Harley Quinn Make-up & Hairstyle For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! Adorning make-up and hairstyle of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad is a perfect way to appear for Halloween party. Some beauty vloggers have attempted to come up with their own ways of doing this, and here are some!

1. Harley Quinn inspired makeup by SSIN

 Apply foundation and concealer thoroughly for matt and pale complexion.

Apply blue eyeshadow on one eyelid and blend it out naturally.

Apply pink eyeshadow on the other eye and blend it out naturally.

Pick a bright red lipstick and apply it thoroughly to complete the make-up.

Bleached hair can use temporary hair dye/hair chalk to color the hair blue on one side and pink on the other side. (SSIN used a bleached wig so she dyed it with acrylic colors)


Here is the full video:

2. Harley Quinn inspired makeup by Mia

Apply matt foundation that covers blemishes and dark spots well.

Apply dark blue eyeshadow on one eyelid and give gradient by blending it out.

Apply pink eyeshadow on the other eyelid similarly. You can use red eyeshadow for more dramatic effect!

Complete them with winged eyelines and mascara!

Contour the face with bronzer and highlighter. This step can be skipped, depending on the mood.

Apply a bright red lipstick on the whole lips. 

Use hair chalk to color one side of the hair with blue and pink on the other side! Dark hair needs precaution as there will be a lot of rubbing with the chalk, so it may get messy and damaged.

Apply the hair chalk until the colors are bright enough.


Here's the full video:

Other videos that feature Harley Quinn make-up and hairstyling:
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