15 Jan 2015

Korean Perm in Singapore Hair Salon

Envious of the celebs hairstyles in dramas and magazine covers? Yes, Korean celebs often grace the cover of magazine with a wavy hairstyle. In fact, most of them are actually temporary curls achieved through hair styling tools. However, it can be a hassle if you have to style it on a daily basis in order to achieve that wavy texture like those you have seen on the magazines! Why not have a go at permanent hair curls? It will definitely free up some time of yours for a cup of coffee or tea. ^^

Over the year, our Korean stylist team have come out with many great Korean Perm hairstyles. Here's a collation of Korean Perm just in case you have missed it. To clear up some misconceptions of Korean Perm, all perm hairstyle does require some effort in enhancing and maintaining the curls. It's the amount of effort that you have to put in that differs when you choose from the various kind of Korean Perm.

Korean perm that have a straight or rebonded at the mid hair portion tends to require minimum effort when comes to after shower hair routine. If you opt for Korean Perm that has rigid or vivid curls, blow-drying and applying of curling cream will play a huge part in the outcome of your hair curls.

In Dusol Beauty, we offers a comprehensive solution to your hair when you get a Korean Perm with us. We offer a bundle package for our Korean Perm which includes a haircut and post treatment at $398. Haircut is mandatory for a Korean Perm as our stylists would need to get the right hair shape before they proceed with their chemical processes. As many would have known, any chemicals or heat applied on the hair will have some chemical reactions on your hair. Therefore a hair treatment is much needed to repair your hair shaft after your perm. It's a big NO NO to opt out of a hair treatment right after your Perm. The same applies to coloring services too.

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