6 Mar 2015

Rebonding Hair Care: Atenje Heat Care Pack

"How long does the rebonded hair last?" "When can i start washing my hair after rebonding?" "What should i do to keep my hair straight?"

Does these questions sounds familiar to you? Yes, that's right! We spend a significant amount of money on our hair and hoping that it can last forever. The truth is, there is no everlasting hairstyles. Your hair will continue to grow, and your old hairstyle will go out of shape eventually! It usually lasted about 6 months for rebonded hair to remain straight. However, it depends on your existing hair condition too. You can take extra measures to upkeep your rebonded hair that is 'fresh out from the salon'. This will keep your hair straight and silky for a longer period of time. Read below for more tips to keep your rebonded hair straight for a longer duration.

Hair rebonding makes your hair strands go under heating element for quite a significant time. Thus, heat damage is inevitable even though you gave your hair a treatment after your rebonding.

Atenje Heat Care Pack

Strongly recommended by our Senior Hairstylists Edward and HellyAtenje Heat Care Pack comes with a Shampoo and Treatment (120ml each). This Heat Care series targets at rebonded hair that has just went through vigorous heat or chemical processes

Step 1: Wash your hair with the Shampoo. Rinse off.


Step 2: Leave Treatment on your hair for 2 mins. Rinse off. 


Points to note for a long lasting sleek-effect:

*Revisit your hair salon if your newly grown hair is curly or only parts of your hair is curly due to wearing elastic band for long hours. Ask for a touch up rebonding! If your salon does provide this service, it will definitely help you save a significant amount on your wallet.

*Avoid washing your hair within 24 hours after your rebonding. 

*Blow dry your hair using cool air instead. 

* Use a wide-tooth comb to straighten out your hair when it is dry to minimized any breakage during the combing action.

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