14 Aug 2015

Stay Fit In Style (Part 1)

From traditional aerobics such as Zumba and Kickboxing to new fitness programmes such as Cx worx and Piloxing, an increasing number of women are hitting the gyms. And what a great excuse it creates for you to buy more clothes – sports apparel that is. In part 1 of our fitness style report, we present the latest sportswear for two different sports that combines both fashion and comfort to ensure you don’t just feel good after a workout, you look good too. And remember, see you next week for another fashion insight into practical, fashionable clothing for three other sports!

1. Skateboard

Image: www.navercast.naver.com

Liful blouson 16,800 won. ALIFE by Kasina T-shirt, 45,000 won. Denim shorts, price unknown. Vans Sneakers, price unknown. Hat, 89,000 won. Theshopsw.com keyring, 34,000won. Carhartt mini pouch, 38000 won.  Knee socks are from editor’s own collection.

“Skateboard enthusiasts are very particular about their shoes. They need to be comfortable and durable. In addition, we cannot neglect the importance of knee-high socks; they protect our feet and legs from injuries. Skateboarding is a sport that is sensitive to trends in fashion and accessories such as caps and waist pouches. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of fashion brands that cater to skateboarders and this allows us to have more options in choosing what to wear.” – Lee Ji Na, Vans Skateboard Pro Team 

Image: www.navercast.naver.com

1. 9000 won, Brownbreath
2.52,000 won HUF by Kasina
3. 38,000 won Thisisneverthat
4.23,000 won Rastaclat
Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 129,000 won, Nike
2. 168,000 won, Carhatt
3. 49000 won, Vans X Lucky Chouette
4. 59,000 won, Descente Kore

“ The soles of the sneakers must be sturdy and durable”

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 65,000 won, Vans
2.109,000 won, Nike
3. 99,000 won, Puma
4. 135,000 won, Noname by  Platform Place
5. 53,000 won, Pony

2. Pilates

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
Mulawear Top 43,000 won. Rockwear Leggings, 169,000 won. Toe socks price unavailable. Easy Yoga Yoga Mat, 118,000 won.

“Pilates often require you to stand straight with legs aligned to your shoulders. Tight leggings are therefore ideal as they show the shape of the legs well. It is good for beginners to wear ¾ leggings to enable us to check the difference in the shape of the calf muscles required of each pose. Elasticity of the pants is also important. Pilates involves using different equipment and so we have to be careful of losing balance and falling and hurting ourselves. Recently, for safety purposes, sports stores have started selling this item called ‘toe-sock’. Not only does it possess non-slip properties, it provides the toes with a good grip, reducing the amount of strength required.” - Jang Jin Ju, Instructor at J& Pilates

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 138,000 won,  Easy Yoga
2. 24,000 won, Bershka
3. 19,900 won, Forever 21
4.30,000 won, Lululemon
5. 20,000 won, Aumnie Yoga
6. 59,000 won, Adidas by Stella Sport 
7. 138,000 won, Le Coq Sportif
8. 22,000 won, Toesox


“Wear fitted leggings that stops around your calf muscles”

Image: www.navercast.naver.com
1. 99,000 won Adidas by Stella Mccartney
2. 42,000 won, Mula Wear
3. 78,000 won Le Coq Sportif
4. 75,000 won, Descente Korea
5.135,000 won, Lululemon
Original article and images from: Grazia Magazine (2015, April) Expert Hot List, Retrieved 31 July from: 

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