12 Aug 2015

Best Hair Color For Your Complexion

Much like shoes, your hair color can work for you or against you. And it instantly can change how you look entirely.

So today, DuSol Beauty is going to teach you how to match up your complexion with the best hair colors.

Most of you already know if your skin tone is fair, medium, olive or dark... But it is also important to determine your natural skin undertone.

Hold out your wrists under direct sunlight and look at your blood vessels. If they are greenish, you have a warm skin tone. If they have a bluish tint to them, you have a cool skin tone.

From here on, choosing the color to make you look your best is simply a piece of cake!

If you are warm-fair... your peachy skin will look absolutely perfect against warmer shades of the blonde range. The combination of colors will give you a very radiant and youthful appearance.

Image: www.beauty.wongnai.com

If you are cool-fair... With such porcelain skin, you need colors that will give you a striking definition. We recommend a strong color like red!

Image: www.pinterest.com

If you are warm-medium... go for blonde or brown shades and throw in some highlights if you feel you want to have that little oomph! They will inject your look with plenty of life and brighten up your whole face instantly.

Image: www.instagram.com

If you are cool-medium... heat up your look with some warm blond or brown shades that will work well with your rosy undertone. Try asking your stylist for those colors with ashy undertones.

Image: www.home.rasysa.com

If you are warm-olive... really bring out the enchantment of your warm skin with shades of dark brown! But it is important not to go jet black; you still want that bit of lightness to balance the color tones out.

Image: www.stylenanda.com

If you are cool-olive... opt for reddish-brown shades that will complement your green-ish undertone very well and instantly give you a brighter look.

Image: www.pinterest.com

If you are warm-dark... choose from a range of rich-brown shades. Fill up those tresses with warm colors that will not contradict for natural skin tone, but enhance it instead.

Image: www.etsy.com

If you are cool-dark... you can even out the colors on your face with deep dark colors. They will give your a very 'natural beauty' look, while still bouncing off colors that will give you very soft contours on your visage.

Image: www.darkskinwomen.com

Hope everyone enjoyed this post and found everything helpful. :) But if you still feel a tad unsure on what color suits you perfectly, don't be shy and consult any of our super awesome stylists at DuSol Beauty!

Color yourselves pretty!

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