30 Sep 2015

Korean Drama "Healer": Actor & Character

안녕하세요, readers!

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For those who haven’t watched it… You simply have to! A drama combining thrill, suspense, romance with a dash of comedy - this one is not to be missed.

The handsome Ji Chang-wook plays a ‘night errand boy’ named Seo Jung-hoo; he basically carries out dangerous tasks under the cloak of the night at astronomical prices. For one of his tasks, he was hired by a famous news reporter Kim Moon-ho played by Yoo Ji-tae to find someone linked to his dark past. This someone is Chae Young-shin played by Park Min-young.

The whole drama is filled with tonnes of suspense and every episode has its very own “oh-my-god” moments.

So let’s start by looking at our main actor - Ji Chang-wook playing as Healer/Seo Jung-hoo/Park Bong-soo.

The Actor:
With that adorable badboy look, this actor could get away with almost everything.

Image: www.couch-kimchi.com

The Character:
For the movie, Ji Chang-wook took on a rather innocent and boyish look. Going for a full head of black hair, you’ll also notice that he didn’t do any spiking up. Instead his hair was always down in a rather effortlessly cute sort of fashion!

Image: www.twitter.com

Next up, we look at our heroine Chae Young-shin played by Park Min-young.

The Actress:
This Korean beauty is known as one of South Korea’s most beautiful celebrities. We always see this goddess with long & wavy, dark-colored tresses. However she took on a different appearance when she played in “Healer”.

Image: www.celebritypost.net

The Character:
Park Min-young received quite a bit of lashing from audiences with how she looked, but we think she was absolutely adorable! Chopping off quite a substantial amount of her hair, her hair was still kept wavy to keep that bit of liveliness. With a bright shade, it also made her look younger and more innocent - which was greatly apt for her role!

Image: www.tumblr.com

For our final character from “Healer” is one of our personal favourites - Mi-kyung Kim! In this drama series, she played as Jo Min-ja - the ultimate hacker. The way she works with those machines in such anonymity, controlling the world at her fingertips. It was amazing to watch her!

The Actress:
Despite her hard features, Mi-kyung Kim still manages to play a bunch of versatile roles perfectly. She is usually seen with some very voluminous hair!
Image: www.korean203.rssing.com

The Character:
In her role as a reclusive hacker, she had on some super frizzy hair. Still not putting away her love for voluminous hair… She really pulled off the look of someone who is absolutely crazy in what she does!

Image: www.dramabeans.com

In one part of the drama series, we see her finally leaving her room to meet someone outside - where she actually looked rather lovely with this hairdo! Very sleek and classy. ;) Mi-kyung Kim is indeed a great actress!

Image: www.dramawatchx.blogspot.sg

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