14 Oct 2015

Singapore's Favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands & Their Worthy Mentions (Part I)

안녕하세요 once again, dear readers!

Today we are going to be sharing part 1 on some insight on Korean cosmetic shops that you are able to find in Singapore stores - and highlighting some must-try products from them!

Beauty-lovers will definitely not want to miss out on this! ;)

  1. The Face Shop

Image Source: www.westfield.com.au

Pricing Range: $$

The first noticeable Korean cosmetic store that popped out in Singapore - this brand has been going strong with popular items like their colorful & affordable range of nail polish shades that are so pretty!

However what we really love about The Face Shop are their masks! Economical and they really work. What we feel every girl needs to have is the Real Nature Mask Sheet range!

Each of them cater to different ‘occasions’! Lately when the weather was getting mighty hazy and dry, we loved to slap on the Green Tea or Chia Seed one. For special occasions, the Blueberry one is a must! It really helps smoothen the skin surface and slows down the skin’s oxidation rate, this way makeup stays fresh for longer!
Image Source: http://www.ebay.com/

Find your nearest The Face Shop store here.

  1. Missha

Image Source: www.retailnews.asia

Price Range: $$

Another of Korean cosmetics’ pioneer brands to enter Singapore, Missha disappeared for a while and has now made a strong comeback.

And we were ecstatic over the news! Missha’s very worthy mention is this BB Cream right here…

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream!

Image Source: www.misshaus.com

This product has to be used sparingly - so less is more here! It provides a good medium coverage and does not oxidise so quickly as well.

By far one of the best Korean BB Creams in the market! ;)

Find your nearest Missha store here or here.

  1. Etude House

Image Source: www.mooka.my

Price Range: $$

Known as the brightest store - mainly because their stores are perpetually glaringly bright and flushed in light pink. All part of their young & fresh image!

What we really love from Etude House is their range of Fresh Cherry Lip Tint.

Image Source: www.ebay.com

After applying some product on your lips, you’ll find that the color has worked its way under your lips and looks almost too natural! Totally looks like you’ve been blessed with nicely-colored kissers. ;) And it lasts for long hours as well. Color us impressed!
Find your nearest Etude House store here.

  1. Innisfree

Price Range: $$

One of the newer entries into Singapore - Innisfree has easily made itself one of the favorite Korean cosmetic brands in town. With their fresh shop ambience and rave-worthy products, it is no wonder.

However if we had to pick just one product to love, it’ll definitely be their Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!

We were simply amazed at how wonderfully this product worked. The only slight qualm we might have is it isn’t the easiest product to apply - unlike your usual liquid masks, this one requires a good few minutes to apply properly.

However we can assure you that it is entirely worth it! After 15 minutes of having this miracle-worker on your skin, you will see why!

Find your nearest Innisfree shop here.

  1. Too Cool For School

Price Range: $$

This brand does not look like your typical ‘girly’ Korean cosmetic brand - but this is precisely what people love about it. It has a whole quirky and cool look to it, which makes its name ‘Too Cool For School’ seem so apt.

While this brand has quite a number of hot products, the one we love best is the Egg Mousse Pack & Soap!

For silky smooth and clear skin - these products are definitely the way to go!

The best part about this is that it works for all parts of the body. So you can look fresh and stunning from any angle. Think of it much like deep cleansing mask for your entire body!

Find your nearest Too Cool For School store here.

Stay tuned for our next part of “Singapore's Favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands & Their Worthy Mentions”!

Have any brands that you’d like to hear about? Let us know in the comments below!

안녕, for now!

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