16 Oct 2015

Korean Wedding Hair And Makeup

Hotels, decorations, food, bridesmaids and groomsmen…there is a seemingly never-ending list of things to do and worry about. And at the top of that list is one that is probably a huge concern to brides (and probably grooms) - looking your best (literally) during your big day. To ease the worrying about how your hair and makeup will turn out, here are some looks created by Korean hairstylists and makeup artistes for you to consider:  

곱게 내려앉은 ‘땋음’의 미학 이미지 1

Hair: Definitely not what you, and probably many others are expecting for a wedding look! But forget that messy, beach-wave hair that is associated with “bohemian”. Bohemian could also mean sophistication with a pop of personality.
Makeup: The “point” of this look is the cheeks. The gorgeous peach color, together with nude-colored lips helpmaintain a lovely look that is, at the same time, not too overbearing.

곱게 내려앉은 ‘땋음’의 미학 이미지 3

Hair:  Drawing inspiration from the Queen’s crown, intricately braided hair is styled to become a headband to accentuate the image of “nobility”- one that is elegant and refined.
Makeup: To unveil the quiet charm and charisma of the bride, or rather the “queen” in this instance, smooth skin without imperfections is essential. Rather than a dark, smokey eye which we often see at weddings, filling in the gaps between the lashes with black eyeliner is preferable for this natural look.  


Hair: The reality of the situation is that most of the time, guests are unable to interact with the wedding couple so much so that they can see, in detail, whatever extremely-complicated and time-consuming hairstyle the bride has done. A natural look, is therefore, perfect for weddings as well, leaving the artificial wigs and clunky hair accessories aside for the bride to feel free and at ease.
Makeup: The skin should look radiant and transparent. To balance the hairstyle, which is not too overly complicated, an elegant semi-smokey eye with rose-colored lips should be done to complement the look.


Hair: Comb light waves into a low ponytail or accessories it with a hairband. It is a natural look that fits the romantic mood of the wedding perfectly.

Makeup: Natural-looking skin is the basis of the makeup. Use a moisturising balm in your makeup routine to ensure the skin stays and looks moist. Complete the look with crisp orange or peach tones.

Variety Hair 이미지 4
Hair: Women are increasingly sporting bobs and chin-length cuts, with it being in trend. Not to fret for those getting married though – hair that is curled to make it look thick and wavy, together with a mini side braids is perfect for an adorable wedding look.
Makeup: On top of skin that is made to look as smooth as a baby’s, the orange blush and lips serves to brighten the look, with the color choice giving it a refreshing twist. Emphasise the eyes with false eyelashes and eyeshadow to make the bride look like a complete darling.

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