13 Nov 2015

Haze? No Worries, Still Look Gorgeous!

안녕하세요! Everyone is in brighter moods right now, because the haze seems to have subsided here on our tropical island Singapore! :D

However some news articles have mentioned that with a change of wind, the haze might be back to plague Singapore once again. :( So we, beauty-lovers, must be vigilant!

Here are some super awesome products that will help you a lot in tiding through another hazy ordeal.
  1. Innisfree Water Glow Cushion

Price Range: $$

Despite being still relatively new in the BB Cushion field, this product has earned its rightful name as one of the best BB Cushions in the market. The key part of this product is that it is really hydrating without giving off an oily sheen.

So you can be sure to still look radiant and keep your skin moisturised through the dry hazy period.

Image Source: www.innisfreeworld.com

Another plus point is that this product comes in 3 lovely shades that allows more people to appreciate it!

Image Source: www.innisfreeworld.com

  1. LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar

Price Range: $$

Everyone who loves cosmetics would know this product. The unique combination of 2 complementing shades create an uber natural lip color.

Image Source: www.instagram24.com

But the real thing we love is how despite the strong and long-lasting colors, the product thoroughly hydrates your lips. Letting your kissers not only look stunning, but also healthy and dewy. Much needed for the hazy period!

Image Source: www.instagramphoto.com

10 super gorgeous shades… MUST.HAVE.ALL!!!

  1. Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting UV Protection Cream

Price Range: $$$

This high-end range of Korean cosmetic products is indeed worth every penny spent. With their excellent ingredients and high quality, we’re always ready to be wowed by their products.

Their Hydro-Aid is easily one of our favourites and is super apt to combat the haze! We especially love the UV Protection Cream.

Some people think that because the Sun seems more covered up, UV protection isn’t so important anymore… False! Your skin still needs its dose of UV protection regardless.

This product is awesome that it combines both UV protection and a hydro-flood into your skin to keep it thoroughly moisturized so that the haze won’t strip away your radiance!

  1. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Mask

Price Range: $$

Image Source: http://www.etude.sg/

Because of the haze, your skin has to endure a harsh environment - and the skin on your face is more delicate than other areas of your body. So help it along with a regular facial mask sheet!

This one from Etude House is excellent in dousing the skin with much needed moisture and collagen, plus locks it in as well. We love how the skin does not feel sticky after using the product - so it’s really great for use in the morning before your makeup routine or at night before catching some winks.

  1. Milbon's Liscio Atenje Heat Care Shampoo & Treatment Pack

Price Range: $$

Through all the moisturizing your visage, don’t forget about your face’s frame. ;)

Your hair also goes through its share of harshness during the hazy period and if not taken care of - split ends occur, drying scalps can cause dandruff and maybe even hair loss in future.

Our previous hair model Gera is simply in love with this product which was recommended by DuSol Beauty’s hair stylist Sia! Don’t be deceived by the name “heatcare”, this product is able to take care of tresses through harsh surroundings.

Image Source: http://johnandjack.co/

You can grab your own set here at DuSol Beauty’s own online store!

It’s quite a bummer to hear that the haze might return - but at least we will be more prepared for it, beauty-wise! ;)

Stay gorgeous, everyone!

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