27 Nov 2015

Hair Color That Suit Your Skin Tone by Edward Kim

Hello, I am hairstylist Edward. Today, I would like to discuss about the hair color that suits different skin tones. If you are thinking of changing your hair color and unsure of what color to change to, my article can be useful for you. Take my article as a reference and wish you all the best with choosing new hair color!

Firstly, Asian skin tones can be classified into 4 types: fair skin tone, dark skin tone, reddish skin tone and yellowish skin tone.

Image: Kim Hee-sun
For Koreans, majority of them have fair skin tone. This is partially due to many of them using products like BB cream that has started trending a few years ago. This does not exclude men, and I have noticed that a lot of them have generally fair skin. Such fair skin tones can actually accommodate any color. If the skin is slightly reddish, colors like red-brown or wine-red would be great. Otherwise, you can also try pink-brown color, which has been gaining popularity recently. However, if the skin is the ‘cooler’ fair tone, blue-black or dark purple would look better. Since fair skins suit any hair color overall, you can choose a color that suits your personality and mood. Bright colors can give cute and cheerful feel, while dark colors give elegance and classy aura.

Image: Lee Hyo-ri
Next, there is dark skin tone, and one well-known Korean celebrity with such skin is Lee Hyo-ri. For those with dark skins, you can look healthy and active. However, if your hair color is too bright, your skin will be contrasted excessively and end up looking dull. Therefore, you should avoid bleaching your hair or dyeing in too bright a color. Instead, colors with medium brightness such as dark orange or copper-brown will be the best. Orange can give sexier look compared to normal brown color. Surprisingly, many of the female idol groups choose to dye black even with dark skin tones. Examples are Hyorin from Sistar and Hyeri from Girl’s Day. It can give strong and lasting impressions. Also, do take note that you would have to bleach your hair if you wish to dye with another color after dyeing your hair black! Bleaching is very damaging to the hair condition as well.

Image: Suzy (missA)
Next, we have reddish skin tone. It is a warm-toned skin, so it is best to do cool-toned colors rather than warm-toned. If the hair color were to be similarly reddish or orange, it would accentuate the redness of the skin tone. Thus, it is best to avoid reddish-brown, wine-red or pink-brown colors. Cool-toned colors like khaki-brown or ash-brown subtly contain bluish tone underneath, which would help minimize the redness of the skin tone.

Image: Uee (After School)
Lastly, yellowish skin tone. Asians are supposedly the ‘yellow-skinned’ race and thus many Asians are actually born with yellowish skin tone. With such skin tones, black and dark hair can bring out the oriental feel but may accentuate the yellow tone of the face. I would definitely recommend dark-brown over black and light brown over dark-drown. This would brighten the facial skin tone. If you wish to try self-coloring at home, beware that the color on the roots may turn out slightly lighter due to body temperature. To avoid uneven coloring, it would be better to visit hair salons.

This was Edward Kim, and I will come back with more useful articles in the future.

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