18 Dec 2015

Hair Care Tips For Tropical Climate

Hello, this is hairstylist Edward Kim and I am going to provide you with useful information on hair. The strong sunlight in Singapore affects not only the skin but also the scalp, and I have seen numerous clients having scalp problems. How do we protect our scalp and hair from the long exposure to UV-rays in tropical climate?

Scalp is also part of the skin, thus it can be classified into dry and oily types. Firstly, healthy scalp and hair can be maintained by washing your hair at least once a day to get rid of the sweat, dandruff and dust accumulated during the day. Hair is easily damaged when the pores are clogged with sweat and dandruff, so it is recommended that those with oily scalp should wash their hair once in the morning and once in the evening. Those with normal scalp should wash their hair thoroughly at least once a day. It is also important to dry your hair and scalp completely before going to sleep to avoid growing bacteria, which could further damage your hair and scalp.

One common mistake that people with scalp problems make is that they do not dry their hair after washing their hair. If you are running for time, I recommend that at least the scalp and the hair near scalp should be dried. This is especially relevant to those with long hair, where a considerable amount of time is taken to dry their hair. Use the hair dryer not only to dry the hair near the scalp but also to give some volume to the hair. Killing two birds with one stone!

For dry scalp, it gets very flakey and results in itchiness. It is important to wash off the shampoo on the scalp thoroughly. Drying the hair without completely washing off would be the top reason for the occurrence of dandruff. It is also important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and complement your diet with milk, tofu, seaweed, meat, fish and egg for various vitamins, protein and minerals. Using hair tonic products is another good way to protect your scalp from drying out.

For healthier hair and scalp, it is also vital to regularly provide treatment. Working adults who tend to have less time could choose to use treatment products at home or massage their scalps manually. It is not necessary to visit professional masseurs or hair salons for the maintenance of hair and scalp health. Choosing the right products is critical. Regular home care may not be easy but this would keep the hair and scalp hydrated, preventing the sunlight from damaging them.

People also tend to use normal, commercial shampoos without understanding the type of their hair and scalp. Those commercial shampoos we see everyday in supermarkets could have stronger cleansing power but could also be irritating for sensitive scalp. Shampoos better suited for different types of scalp/hair should be used in place of the normal ones. 

Trees and plants grow better on good soil; hair grows better on good scalp. Many of the food in Singapore tend to be oily, and such diet would result in oily scalp as the sebum produced from the pores increases. Constant exposure to such diet would consequently change the type of your scalp/hair. Those with oily types of scalp should try to cut down oily food and do not forget to wash the hair twice a day with shampoos customized for oily scalp. 

It is difficult to change the type of your scalp/hair, so we should focus on prevention, rather than tackling the problem after it has occurred.

Thank you for reading my article!

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